What can Charge Card Funding do for my business?    

We offer you a way to improve your business for the future by accessing cash now. It’s not a bank loan, so you’re more likely to be approved, and your cash becomes available to you within days.

How does it work? 
The funding process is simple. Charge Card Funding purchases your future credit card transactions and advances that money to you today. After you receive your advance, your processor will deduct a small, fixed percentage from your daily credit cards sales until the advance is paid back. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SWITCH PROCESSORS

Will I qualify?
 If you take credit cards as a form of payment…you qualify! Credit score is NOT a factor with our underwriting. We know that most business owners put everything they have into their business including financing, which usually results in a low credit score. Our underwriters look at the business and the credit card sales that it is producing every month. They do NOT look at the credit history of the owner.

How long will it take to find out if I am approved?
 Pre-approval is obtained within 1 hour. Funding can take as little as 3 business days depending on the amount of the transaction and the time it takes to get the necessary documents required to fund.

Does Charge Card Funding require a personal guarantee? No, our program does not require a Personal Guarantee; however, individuals may be liable in cases of fraud, misrepresentations as described  in our agreements.

What can the Business Cash Advance be used for?You know your business much better than CCF; in this regard, the business cash advance can be used for any business purpose, including expansion, equipment needs, inventory, renovations, taxes.  Use the money as you see fit to grow your business.

How much can I qualify for? Your monthly credit card volume will qualify you up to $500,000. The amount of receipts purchased is determined by your average Visa/MasterCard volume over a 90-120 day period.   Our basis qualifications are that you must have a physical location, be in business for at least 6 months and process a minimum of $3,000 per month of Visa/MasterCard receivables and have at least one year left on your lease.
How soon can I have the cash?

This all depends on the customer. Once one of our account executives receives a completed application and 3 merchant statements, we can wire the funds within 48-72 hours.

Will I be able to monitor the progress on my account? You can log on to our website to view your every detail of your account or you can call our customer support on our toll free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is there a penalty for paying back the advance early?No. You can always pay off the balance remaining on the advance at any time. Matter of fact, Charge Card Funding  will offer a large discount depending on your pre-pay terms worked out during the initial contract.

How much does it cost to apply for a Cash Advance?

Charge Card  Funding offers a no cost, no obligation quote.   We will contact you within 3 days with the terms of our proposal and will provide you different payment options.

Will bad credit affect my business cash advance? 
Business cash advances are based on a multitude of factors and not based solely on a principal’s credit score.   Therefore, you need not have good or excellent credit to apply for this advance.

Do I have to pay off the first advance before I can take a second advance? No. 75% of our customers take more than one advance and the majority of them take it within 60 days of receiving their first advance. All you have to do is pay off 35% of your first advance and send your Funding Consultant a recent bank statement. The money will be in your account the same day as when you applied.

Who can answer my questions, or help me start the funding process.Call 1.800.949.4041 or email sales@chargecardfunding.com and we will contact you immediately.